Raise The Roof

Quite often we’re faced with situations that we couldn’t possibly have foreseen. In these moments we have two choices, to wallow in the added cost, or to celebrate our new opportunity. Recently we closed on a home in Oshawa and were excited to begin the process of adding a second storey to this 800 square foot house. We had our draftsman prepare our drawings in advance and just needed to dig up a footing on closing to ensure the existing foundation could support a second storey.

Let me tell you, this was a first for us… no foundation! There is a 6 foot basement, and no foundation at all! It would appear that when this cottage was originally built there was a single cinderblock as the base, which made perfect sense in the 1940s. When they needed more space, they dug under the house, careful not to disturb their cinderblock. They poured their concrete inside of the existing exterior, which means that were we to add a second storey, the house would sink into the ground.

This is one of those moments that no amount of preparation or experience can prepare you for. We missed it, the draftsman missed it, the agent missed it, everyone missed it. We could get down on the extra $20000 that just got added to the price tag of this flip, or we could see it for the awesome adventure it’s going to be! We just gained a 700 square foot basement, because when we pour, we will be able to add an extra 2 feet in height! We’ll be bringing this house up to allow for above grade basement windows, decrease the risk of moisture, and allow for more useable living space.

These things are all great, but they’re not the best part. The best part is… we get to lift a house! We’ve never lifted one before, and will post the link to the youtube video of the adventure so that you can all watch!

Life is never predictable, you can choose to see the positive in each experience or not.