Jessica and Michael Walden

We have been working in the construction industry since 1999 and have developed a huge base of knowledge, first hand experience, and reliable contacts. This has allowed us to run a successful home renovation and flipping company since 2007. Our combined nearly 40 years of experience allow us to assist those just entering the real estate market and also those looking to venture into house flipping.

This has allowed us to specialize in walking you through the hard decisions that come with real estate investing. From purchasing, financing, permits, budgeting, renovations and selling, we are here to help! We offer hourly, monthly, and by project coaching to assist you with your project. Teaching you the steps in order to successfully renovate and sell homes for large profits.

After purchasing, renovating and selling our first home for a small profit, we have been hooked into flipping. Over the years we developed techniques that now allow us to determine our potential profits before putting in an offer. We have a consistent track record of profiting over 100k per flip no matter what the market is doing. Now we are offering to share these techniques with you.

Even if you have limited knowledge of real estate but want to get into the amazing world of flipping we can help. We can work with you from the start to find that perfect home. Using our knowledge and experience we can show you how to also turn that home into large profits.